CBBLDC : Power-2 and Quadratic Stellar Limb Darkening Coefficients for the CBB Filter

Log(g): Logarithm of the stellar surface gravity (0.0 to 5.0),   Teff: Stellar effective temperature (3500 to 50000)

[Fe/H]: Logarithm of the stellar metallicity (-5.0 to 1.0),   [Vel]: Microturbulence velocity (0.0 to 8.0)



Power-2 and Quadratic LDC values based on ATLAS stellar atmosphere models provided by Dr. Antonio Claret CBB transmisivity, LDC interpolation, and web architecture provided by Ed Mullen

   2022 Ed Mullen 

RNAAS: Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society: Limb-darkening Coefficients for the Filter CBB
A Note Regarding 'Vel': 

Vel is microturbulence velocity. There are currently few reliable data on its observational values. Therefore, the atmosphere model grids are computed for various values of Vel. Allowed values for this interpolation are 0.0 to 8.0 km/s. The most common value used is 2 km/s. Therefore, unless you have a specific value of Vel you would like to interpolate on, use the default value of 2.0. See Vel's influence in Fig. 5 of this paper.

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Power-2 and Quadratic LDC tables
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